Happy Chinese New Year!

Published: 31.01.2022

undefinedWe wish a very happy Chinese New Year! The tiger is known as a magnificent animal associated with traits such as bravery, confidence, and strength.

As part of our team is located in China, we want to take this moment to acknowledge this festive occasion. Tied to the Chinese lunar calendar, the day is usually celebrated with friends and family, honouring deities and ancestors. Tiger is an important animal in the Chinese culture; according to Tao teachings, the world consists of two energies, yin and yang. The symbols for these energies are tiger and dragon, respectively. Tiger is considered the king of all animals, feared and respected alike.

The year of the tiger is commonly thought to be a season of change, and vigour typical of tigers is fruitful for new ideas and plans. We wish all our followers the courage of a tiger for their upcoming business plans!

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