HyTest excellent half year growth

Published: 21.05.2012

HyTest's half year revenue was record breaking 6.3 million euros. Year to year revenue growth was 18%. Hytest profitability continues to be on high level even though HyTest has been investing to China operations and IP-portfolio amongst other things. High profitability has enabled HyTest to continue to evolve its international operations by income financing.

Share of exporting continues to be high, constituting 96% of sales. Biggest destination of exports continues to be United States by 42% of sales. Fastest growing market for HyTest is China IVD market (+69%). China sales are already 10% of the total sales. 

Other important exporting countries are Germany (10%), Great Britain (8%) and Japan (7%). 

Growth of sales has been divided quite evenly to all product categories. The most important product category is cardiac markers. Strong investments to Chinese markets, well-established relations to big diagnostic companies and presence in the most respected international science publications are few reasons why Hytest has been able to sharpen its edge in a demanding global market place.

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