Licensing opportunities – technology solution for BNP- and proBNP -detection


Interested in entering the fast growing cardiac diagnostics market with a new innovative diagnostics solution?

Because of the aging population and increasing obesity cardiovascular diseases have become one of the leading healthcare problems. This has also fueled the need for cardiac diagnostics (1). NT-proBNP and BNP testing have been one of the fastest growing markets not only because they offer improved tools for making diagnosis but they also help to drive down healthcare costs (2).

HyTest’s innovative solution offers an opportunity to enter this lucrative market.

HyTest’s newly developed “single-epitope sandwich-BNP-assay” (SES-BNP) offers a sensitive and fast test platform for proBNP and BNP.

HyTest’s SES-BNP platform is based on antibody detection of the stable ring-structure in BNP/proBNP and this complex is then detected with the secondary antibody.

Based on this technology HyTest’s SES-BNP offers:
•    A technology to get true BNP values required to make correct diagnosis (measuring both BNP and proBNP) which improves diagnostic results
•    Easier sample handling as samples may be stored in room temperature longer time period
•    A less costly technology which allows also small- and medium sized enterprises to enter one of the fastest growing IVD-segments
•    A technology that is highly similar to BNP test thus making it possible to use Biosite’s Triage as predicate device for registration purposes

SES-BNP-technology has been used also in studies published in peer reviewed journals (3)

HyTest’s SES-BNP is not just a technology platform as HyTest offers also reagents and calibrators which can be used to develop the test.

Please read more from the TechNotes and product data sheets:

4BNP2: BNP, human, antibody
4BFab5: Immune complex 24C5-BNP_proBNP, antibody 
8PRO9: proBNP, recombinant, human
8GOB2: Human recombinant proBNP glycosylated

Pekka Hilden
Email: pekka.hilden(at)

(1) Kalorama Information, 2008.
(2) J Mant, et al. (2009) Systematic review and individual patient data meta-analysis of diagnosis of heart failure, with modelling of implications of different diagnostic strategies in primary care. Health Technol Assess., 13(32):1–232
(3) Tamm NN, et al. (2011) Measurement of B-type natriuretic peptide by two assays utilizing antibodies with different epitope specificity. Clin. Biochem., 44(2-3):257-259

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