Strong growth of HyTest continues – revenue almost 10 million euros

Published: 05.02.2011

HyTest Ltd. is a biotechnology-oriented company based in Turku, Finland, that manufactures and markets high-quality immunological reagents for industrial and research applications. HyTest has customers over in 40 different countries and in all continents. In the year 2010 HyTest revenue increased strongly during which the global economic environment continued to create challenges for many other companies.

HyTest revenue increased by 17% to 9.1 million euros and the operating profit was 3.1 million euros and in percentage 34%. Because of profitable growth HyTest has been able to fulfill all investments with income financing.
During last fiscal year sales of cardiac markers increased significantly and sales of infectious reagents was also stable. HyTest implemented new CRM program and by using that contacting existing and potential customers has been even more effective. HyTest is continuously working to bring new products to the market as well as improving the existing ones. Because of strong economic situation HyTest has been able to invest in R&D even more.

For HyTest USA is the most important market representing 51% of total sales. Other important markets are EU countries (Great Britain 9%, Germany 6% and France 5%) and Asia (China 6%, Japan 5% and Korea 4%). Sales in USA grew strongly and overall sales grew steadily in the other important markets.

HyTest manufactures high quality monoclonal antibodies and antigens for industrial and research customers. HyTest is a leading provider of several reagents, such as antibodies and antigens of the troponin I, troponin complex and influenza A and B.

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