Blood Coagulation and Anemia

At HyTest, we provide antibodies and antigens that enable the development of immunoassays for the detection of blood coagulation and anemia. Our comprehensive range of immunological reagents allow our customers to develop immunoassays for detecting various markers in this category.
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Trusted Immunological Reagents

The elevated level of D-dimer in blood is believed to be a reliable marker of pathological coagulation that underlies the pathogenesis of most cardiovascular diseases.

Soluble transferrin receptor
Soluble transferrin receptor is an indispensable marker of iron deficiency anemia and is mainly used for the differentiation between iron deficiency anemia and anemia of chronic disease.

Human albumin
Microalbuminuria has been considered to be an early marker of nephropathy and reflects microvascular damage over the blood circulating system.

Fibrinopeptide A
Elevation of Fibrinopeptide A levels in plasma is associated with disorders such as disseminated intravascular coagulation, deep venous thrombosis, and arterial thrombosis.

Blood Coagulation and Anemia markers
Monoclonal antibodies

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