Myoglobin TechNotes

Myoglobin is a small hemecontaining protein (153 a.a.r., MW (w/o heme) 17053 Da and theoretical pI=7.29), that is responsible for the oxygen deposition in muscle tissues. Only one form of myoglobin is expressed in cardiac and skeletal muscles. Myoglobin has been used as a marker of myocardial damage for almost six decades (1). It is commonly used in clinical practice as an early marker of AMI (2). However, due to the high concentration of myoglobin in skeletal muscle tissues, even minor skeletal muscle injury increases the myoglobin levels in blood (3). Therefore, myoglobin alone is not considered to be a reliable and sufficient marker in AMI diagnosis. Instead, it should be used together with cTnI or cTnT analysis as part of a multimarker strategy.

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