Scientific Posters

Hytest posters presented in scientific conferences.

FEBS 2022

Skeletal troponin I detection in the blood of patients with skeletal muscle injury

Influence of heparin on the immunodetection of cardiac troponin

AACC 2020

Diverse short-term natriuretic response in acute decompensated heart failure patients undergoing Entresto™ treatment

2020 ACVP, ASVCP, and ISACP Virtual Annual Meeting

ISA 2020

AACC 2019

ISACP 2018

AACC 2018

Hear Failure Congress 2018

American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2017

4th Joint EFLM-UEMS Congress 2016

AACC 2016

AACC 2015

IFCC EuroMedLab Conference 2015

XXV ISTH Congress 2015

ACVIM Forum 2015

AACC 2014

AACC 2013

AACC 2011

AACC 2010    

AACC 2009

AACC 2008

AACC 2007

AACC 2005

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