Half-year Financial Report

Published: 18.06.2013

Over the past half-year, HyTest consolidated sales amounted to EUR 6.3 million. Turnover remained at the same level as compared to the previous fiscal year. However, sales forecasts and strong order book indicate that HyTest will return to a growth path during the latter half of the financial year.

HyTest's operating profit has remained high despite significant investments during the fiscal year. Because of the good profitability HyTest has been able to fund its international operations with operating income.

Export sales accounted for 96% of the sales. The largest single market is still the United States of America (41% of sales) where sales have grown modestly but steadily. Sales to China have grown markedly during the last six months (56%) and China is now clearly the second most important market and represents 15% of the total sales. Because of the strong growth HyTest has invested more in the Chinese market and during this fiscal year HyTest-China employee number grew from 3 to 5. 

Other important export markets for HyTest are Germany (10%) and the United Kingdom (6%), and outside the EU, Japan (6%), Canada (5%) and South Korea (5%).

Significant investments in sales channels, direct contacts to world's leading diagnostics companies and active commercialization of the IPR portfolio have helped HyTest to remain competitive in the demanding global competition.

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