Monoclonal antibody to glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c)


Diabetes causes substantial health costs because of complications associated with it and therefore repeated glucose measurements are an essential part of diabetes daily care. However, glucose level measurements are not suitable for assessment of diabetes patients' long term glycemic control as glucose values fluctuate markedly during the day and therefore other means are needed.  HbA1c has become the Gold Standard for that purpose and its use is recommended by American Diabetes Association, World Health Organization and International Diabetes Federation.

Most of the HbA1c assays are based on ion-exchange chromatography but these methods cannot be used in point-of-care setting and therefore there is a need for reliable immunodiagnostics methods.

HyTest offers now a monoclonal antibody specific to HbA1c that may be used to develop an ELISA, lateral-flow- or a turbidimetric assay.

Further information is available from our  HbA1c - The Glycated Isoform of Hemoglobin Technote

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