New Product: Recombinant Cardiac Troponin Binary Complex


Acute myocardial infarction (AMI) causes damage of heart muscle and the release of troponin complexes in patients’ blood where it can be detected by measuring its components. Cardiac troponins (cTnI and cTnT) are currently widely used as a recommended marker of AMI, which is a myocardial injury associated with postoperative myocardium trauma and many other diseases related to cardiac muscle injury.

HyTest offers a new recombinant cardiac troponin binary complex (rec. cTn IC complex, Cat.# 8ICR3). The new complex is constructed from recombinant cTnI, and TnC isoforms. Resulting complex separated from free recombinant cTnI and TnC isoforms. The new recombinant cTn IC complex is similar to the native artificial cTn IC complex (Figure 1.)


Figure 1. Recombinant cTn IC complex (Cat. 8ICR3) is very similar to the native artificial cTn IC complex (Cat. 8IC63).

HyTest offers now two recombinant troponin complexes: recombinant ternary complex (rec. cTn ITC complex, Cat.# 8ITCR) and recombinant binary complex (rec. cTn IC complex, Cat.# 8ICR3). Both complexes can be used as a standard in immunoassays for detection of cTnI in AMI patient samples.
Both complexes are constructed from recombinant cTnI, cTnT, and TnC isoforms. Resulting complexes are separated from free proteins.

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Cat# 8ICR3: Recombinant human cardiac troponin IC complex
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