Troponin Products for Hs-cTnI Assay Development


Acute myocardial infarction (AMI) causes damage of heart muscle and the release of troponin complexes in patients’ blood where it can be detected by measuring its components. Early diagnosis of AMI and other myocardial injury associated diseases related to cardiac muscle injury are important for immediate evidence-based therapy. Cardiac troponins I and T (cTnI and cTnT) are currently widely used as a recommended marker of AMI, other myocardial injury associated with postoperative myocardium trauma and many other diseases related to cardiac muscle injury diagnostics. The cTnI has been a gold standard and diagnostic cornerstone in the clinical assessment of AMI as it offers accurate and rapid diagnostics rule out.

HyTest offers several antibodies and antigens for high-sensitivity cTnI (hs-cTnI) assay development. HyTest recombinant cardiac troponin binary (cTn IC, Cat.# 8ICR3) and ternary (cTn ITC, Cat.# 8ITCR) complexes are constructed from recombinant cTnI and cTnC isoforms (cTn binary complex) and cTnI, cTnT, and cTnC isoforms (cTn ternary complex). The resulting recombinant troponin complexes are separated from free proteins and dimeric complex in case of the recombinant cTn ternary complex and the performance of both recombinant complexes is similar to the native cTn binary and ternary complexes (Figure 1).


Figure 1. Comparison of recombinant and native cTn binary and ternary complexes. A) The comparison of recombinant and native cTn IC complex using in-house assay. The Tcom8 (Cat.# 4TC2) – 7B9cc (Cat.# 4T27cc) assay detects cardiac troponin binary complex only if both cTnI and cTnC troponin isoforms are bound together. B) The comparison of recombinant and native cTn ITC complex using in-house assay. The Tcom8 (Cat.# 4TC2) - 7E7 (Cat.# 4T19) assay detects cardiac troponin ternary complex only if all three troponin isoforms are bound together.

HyTest also provides 2+1 and 2+2 pair recommendations which are suitable for hs-cTnI assay development. The clones used in these pair recommendations can be found under Cat.# RC4T21, Cat.# 4T21cc, and Cat.# 4TC2. The pair recommendations suitable for hs-cTnI assay development are described in Table 1.


The mAbs 20C6cc and 7B9cc can be also found as a recombinant chimeric version clones RecChim20C6 and RC7B9 under Cat.# RC4TC2 and Cat.# 4T27cc respectively. The pair recommendations described in Table 1 have high sensitivity, and they correlate well (R2 = 0.975-0.982) with commercially available cTnI assay (Figure 2) with no cross-reactivity to other cardiac or skeletal isoforms of troponin.


Figure 2. Correlation of HyTest hs-cTnI pair recommendations and commercially available cTnI assay.

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Recombinant cardiac troponin ITC and IC complexes TechNotes
Cat# 8ICR3: Recombinant human cardiac troponin IC complex
Cat# 8ITCR: Recombinant human cardiac troponin ITC-complex
Cat# 4T21 Monoclonal mouse anti-cardiac troponin I (cTnI)
Cat# RC4T21 Recombinant chimeric anti-cTnI MAb (Cat.# 4T21)
Cat# 4TC2 Monoclonal mouse anti-human native cardiac troponin complex
Cat# RC4TC2 Recombinant chimeric anti- human native cardiac troponin complex MAb (Cat.# 4TC2)
Cat# 4T27cc Troponin C (TnC), antibody
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