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16 Oct, 2013
HyTest participates in Medica exhibition in November 20th - 23rd. Welcome to visit our booth D64 in hall three at any time.
13 Jul, 2013
It's again time for AACC. This time Houston will be the place where the world of laboratory medicine will come together.
18 Jun, 2013
Over the past half-year, HyTest consolidated sales amounted to EUR 6.3 million.
13 May, 2013
LamdaGen’s new diagnostic platform allows rapid and reproducible quantification of cTnI from whole serum.
05 May, 2013
A company’s strong financial position shows that partnerships can be built on a solid foundation and can withstand economic fluctuations.”
28 Nov, 2012
Diabetes causes substantial health costs because of complications associated with it and therefore repeated glucose measurements are an essential part of diabetes daily care.
04 Nov, 2012
HyTest attends to MEDICA 2012 in Düsseldorf in November. You are warmly welcome to pass by at our booth # 3D64 .
21 May, 2012
Year to year revenue growth was 18%. Hytest profitability continues to be on high level even though HyTest has been investing to China operations and IP-portfolio amongst other things.
10 Jan, 2012
HyTest’s revenue at the end of October for the fiscal year 2010-2011 year was EUR 10.2 million. HyTest was again capable of growing its market share as growth over the previous year was 12% which exceeds the industry average.
21 Jun, 2011
HyTest attends to AACC 2011 Clinical Expo in Atlanta, July 25-28. You are warmly welcome to visit our booth #27 at any time.
25 May, 2011
Sales of cardiac markers increased significantly during the period and there was especially remarkable growth in the sales of troponin-products.
14 Feb, 2011
Interested in entering the fast growing cardiac diagnostics market with a new innovative diagnostics solution?
05 Feb, 2011
HyTest revenue increased by 17% to 9.1 million euros and the operating profit was 3.1 million euros and in percentage 34%.
17 May, 2010
HyTest offers D-dimer produced from clotted fibrinogen by means of plasmin digestion and anti-D-dimer MAbs.
15 Apr, 2010
HyTest specialists have recently developed antibodies for a brand new type of BNP immunoassay

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