04 Nov, 2012
HyTest attends to MEDICA 2012 in Düsseldorf in November
HyTest attends to MEDICA 2012 in Düsseldorf in November. You are warmly welcome to pass by at our booth # 3D64 .
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21 May, 2012
HyTest excellent half year growth
Year to year revenue growth was 18%. Hytest profitability continues to be on high level even though HyTest has been investing to China operations and IP-portfolio amongst other things.
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10 Jan, 2012
HyTest’s strong growth continues
HyTest’s revenue at the end of October for the fiscal year 2010-2011 year was EUR 10.2 million. HyTest was again capable of growing its market share as growth over the previous year was 12% which exceeds the industry average.
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21 Jun, 2011
HyTest abstract has won National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry Distinguished Abstract Award
HyTest attends to AACC 2011 Clinical Expo in Atlanta, July 25-28. You are warmly welcome to visit our booth #27 at any time.
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25 May, 2011
HyTest revenue increased 15 % - press release first half of fiscal year 2011
Sales of cardiac markers increased significantly during the period and there was especially remarkable growth in the sales of troponin-products.
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14 Feb, 2011
Licensing opportunities – technology solution for BNP- and proBNP -detection
Interested in entering the fast growing cardiac diagnostics market with a new innovative diagnostics solution?
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05 Feb, 2011
Strong growth of HyTest continues – revenue almost 10 million euros
HyTest revenue increased by 17% to 9.1 million euros and the operating profit was 3.1 million euros and in percentage 34%.
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17 May, 2010
D-dimer and High Molecular Weight Fibrin Degradation
HyTest offers D-dimer produced from clotted fibrinogen by means of plasmin digestion and anti-D-dimer MAbs.
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15 Apr, 2010
Antibodies for New Type of BNP immunoassay – “Single Epitope Sandwich” assay
HyTest specialists have recently developed antibodies for a brand new type of BNP immunoassay
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